Donor (Level_150)

Donor (Level_150)

Artikelnummer: WROS_WALL_DON_L150
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  • Information

    The main objective of this contribution is to help the WinReducer Project to continue to evolve, to innovate and to remain accessible to all user profiles by maintaining proximity to the needs of each user while being part of a very long-term development approach.


    Each contribution is greatly appreciated, because :

    • the WinReducerOS website and software are free to use
    • the WinReducerOS website and software are certified without ads
    • the WinReducerOS website and software are certified without adware, crapware, malware or virus
    • creating, developing and maintaining the WinReducer Project take a lot of time and resources
    • the "WinReducer Store" is the only way to help the WinReducer Project


    ==> So for all these reasons, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !

  • Download



    This wallpaper can be downloaded immediately :

    • at the end of the checkout process
    • by email (valid 30 days)


    ==> The preview of the wallpaper displayed on this page is a very low quality preview and cannot be compared to the quality of the downloaded wallpaper in Full HD or in 4K Ultra HD !

  • Links


    • If you are not interested to download the WinReducerOS Desktop Wallpaper "Donor Edition", please follow this link : "WinReducerOS Donation"

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